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Surprise! Vinegaroon-1/1

A first look at our pregnant Vinegaroons!

Theraphosa stirmi – Goliath Bird Eaters – Informational Video on Care -

This is is a PSA on Theraphosa stirmi – Goliath Bird Eaters

This is a male and a female. Continue reading

Aphonopelma chalcodes

This is a brief message about the aphonopelma chalcodes – The Arizona Blonde tarantula

There is all kinds of Continue reading

Kristians P Ornata

I got your P ornata totally fixed up and well-fed buddy!

Thanks for giving me an opportunity to help Continue reading

Florida Bark Babies!

Centruroides gracilis scorpions – Known as Florida Bark Scorpions

Avicular Minatrix – Captive Bred and Healthy!

Captive Bred Confirmed Via Molt Avicularia Minatrix Tarantula

Arachnids RVA – Velma The Lampropelma! – The Wonderbug !

Checkout Velma the Lampropelma ! – She’s starting to web, she’s been eating well and we’re very proud of her. Continue reading

G pulchra – Brazilian Black

G pulchra – Brazilian Black

“THE” official Brazilian Black, one of the most popular Tarantulas in the hobby. Here Continue reading

G pulchripes – Chaco Golden Knee

G pulchripes – Chaco Golden Knee – This is one of our shop T’s – We use her educational Continue reading

Arachnids RVA – Cave Roaches

These are giant cave roaches – They’re pretty freaking huge!